About Me

Hi! I’m John Chuback. Thanks for stopping by.

I’m a surgeon in Paramus New Jersey. Professionally, I specialize in varicose vein treatment using laser and other contemporary techniques. My practice also offers plastic surgical and cosmetic procedures, but I remain focused on vein problems.

I have several other keen interests including visual art, education and personal development. I hope to share content that reflects my expertise and personal passions. I will be creating written, audio and video content which I hope some people will find informative, enriching  and at times entertaining.

I’m fortunate to know lots of terrific people whom I hope will contribute to this exercise and give of themselves as well. I suspect that I will learn more than I can actually instruct through this exercise. As one of my old professors, Dr. Valerie Rusch at Sloan Kettering in NYC used to say, “Every day is school day, and everyone is a teacher.”